With the most comprehensive U.S. property database - covering 99.9% of U.S. households - and advanced, industry-leading analytics, ICE Data & Analytics delivers a variety of solutions to help improve strategic and tactical performance; identify, reduce and mitigate risk; satisfy regulatory requirements; leverage cost savings; and create opportunities for growth and increased profitability.
SiteXPro provides instant access to complete property and mortgage intelligence.  Whether you're searching for information on an individual property or looking for a more expansive view, SiteXPro's flexible search options allow you to quickly access the data you need.
SiteXPro solutions include:
  • AVMs (Automated Valuation Models)
  • Comparables
  • County record documents - Real estate transfers, voluntary liens, involuntary liens
  • Property data - property characteristics and tax
  • Parcel maps
  • Portfolio management